Monday, May 3, 2010

robot gear

it's no surprise that i'm obsessed with robots. mainly old tin toy robots. i even did a project on it last year in my fashion class. it doesn't help that i've been seeing cute robot housewares everywhere - i just want to collect them all!
a robot sits on a ledge in my room.

first off, i've had my eye on these mugs for ages. i first saw them in a cute shop here in Amsterdam, and then they followed me to Magma in Covent Garden.

these amazing mugs are designed by Big Tomato Company. you can get them straight off here

and then i was browsing homewares on ( i do) and stumbled upon these little buggers:

robot salt and pepper shakers! a must. you can get them here.

last but not least, the same shop i first spotted the mugs in have been selling these robot USB sticks for awhile. sadly, i can't justify forking up the 30 euro to purchase one. but then i found them on this website (cheesy, but on sale for $25!)

this is really only the beginning of the awesome robot stuff i find. i'll keep updating if i stumble upon anything else (and please let me know if you see any cool robot stuff!)