Saturday, May 8, 2010

quilts galore

there's really nothing like going to the V&A on a sunny day. the inner courtyard is bustling with people drinking tea, eating sandwiches and soaking up the sun. it was especially sweet to see children excitedly prancing around in the wading pool.

the Grace Kelly exhibition was incredibly packed, so we decided to check out the Quilts exhibition. Quilts have always drawn me in... the love that goes into making them and the way that they can be so simple and classic but still so beautiful. someday i will definitely have a closer look into quilting and try to start one myself. looking at all these quilts from the 1800's is definitely a good motivator.

juxtaposed to all the historic quilts are modern quilts. although i didn't surely enjoy seeing a quilt dated 200 hundred years old sitting next to a quilt dating 2 years old, i still enjoyed seeing the ideas behind modern quilters. the one below is by Caren Garfen, who takes a strong feminist approach to quilting.

there is a lot to look at at this Quilts exhibition at the V&A. i highly recommend it for a lazy leisurely day, and don't forget to get some tea and cake with it in the courtyard.

Quilts is open til the 4th of July
iphone photographs by me