Sunday, May 2, 2010

nowhere boy

yesterday afternoon i ventured to the Tuschinski with mom and sister to see a post-queens day film. we picked Nowhere Boy, a fairly recent film focused around John Lennon's days before the Beatles.

going to the Tuschinski is always a treat. built in the 1920's, it's quite the place to see a movie. the combination of architectural styles creates a beautiful yet dark atmosphere when you step into the lobby. there's nothing like an old theater to get you in a comfortable movie-watching mood.

lights in the tuschinski

i've always been a huge Beatles junkie. i think my obsession started around the age of 13, and continued for a solid two years. Beatles round the clock. it was the only thing i listened to. i wanted to learn the guitar. i wanted to visit Liverpool (..and i did). i wanted to live in the 60's just to witness their beginnings in real-time. now, everyone has their favorite Beatle. mine was definitely George. but John came in to a close second. i knew little of his bringing up before we walked into the theater... and in the end it was a truly touching story.

the cinematography alone is enough to watch the film. i was excited to hear it was directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, one of my favorite artists.

the costumes, music, and warmth of the movie really make it worth seeing. i know i'll for sure be going to see it again sometime soon.

photos of the film from
photos of the tuschinski by me