Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ooh Child

my dad has the most immense record collection i've ever seen. when i was younger, we would sit for hours just going through them, him playing all his favorite songs and telling me the memories that go along with them.

while we went through countless records, i will always remember this one specifically. valerie carter: just a stone's throw away. the album cover was enough to make me fall in love with it. and then i heard her voice. oh, that voice.

on another note, i'm packing to jet over to amsterdam this afternoon. in need of some serious mom-cooked food and a couple of beers while celebrating koninginnedag tomorrow.

ooh child, things are gonna get easier
ooh child, things will be brighter.
valerie carter


Glamour Bbey. said...

Hay dear!
How are you?
It's my first visit on your blog and he's really nice! You have such a great style!

It would be nice of you, if you check my blog too! And maybe we can follow eachother?
Let me know!

Love, Cindy.