Sunday, April 11, 2010

Karen Walker

i always enjoy the top floor of urban outfitters on oxford street, where they stock higher designer names with higher prices. my favorites on this floor are pretty consistent: peter jensen, cheap monday, and karen walker. i'd been browsing through loads of websites this evening, and it dawned on me that i haven't checked out karen walker's website before. for the first time, i looked at images of the karen walker runway shows, and boy, do i like what i see!

now, it's pretty easy to see why i like this collection. sailor stripes, fun prints, a summer-ease feel, and the occasional floppy hat. i would completely live in that jacket in the third image.

but karen walker isn't your typical designer. the fit of her garments are always fantastic and sometimes non-conventional. i don't necessarily always think clothes need to hug the body. while some girls love to wear body-hugging outfits, i always love an interesting silhouette. this may be a gorgeous tent-dress or baggy trousers with a fitted top. karen walker has a great sense of silhouettes, "with one foot in tailoring and the other in streetwear" - a look which i can see myself immersed in.