Wednesday, April 14, 2010

COS, i love you.

I first heard about COS about three years ago when one had just opened in the Hague. It was a whole big thing: how many stores really sell high fashion at good quality at a great price? Well, truthfully, not many. Sure, you can get your copy or knock off at Topshop, H&M, or Zara. I know whenever i go for a "copy" at these stores, I feel like I look great, but I don't necessarily feel great. In COS, you can get both, and what's better than that?

They're Spring '10 look book is full of this beautiful blonde model: perfect for their straight-up Swedish brand history. The clothes look loose, comfortable, and modern.

I pulled these two looks off their website (did I mention they have an amazing website?) I love the button-down with trouser combination. It's so simple, but never fails to look amazing. And, of course, the black harem. 80's comfort to the max.

COS is severely dangerous territory for me. Granted, it's "cheap" high fashion, but on a student budget, 50 £ for a pair of pants is no way cheap. However, there's something about the fit of the clothes, the comfort of the fabric, and the way I feel in them that almost completely makes me forget about price.

I'm not crazy about changing-room photographs, but it had to be done. This stripey dress just made me go crazy. It's comfort to another level and modern with a classic twist. When laid down flat without a hanger, this dress is literally a massive square with tight little sleeves. Yet, on, this dress is a masterpiece of draped cotton.

I do have a nice little collection of high-waisted casual trousers. Something about COS trousers is always appealing on the floor models, as well as seeing the staff walk around in them. They're that perfect fit that I feel I can only get from a store like COS. Despite my short height, I don't feel like the trousers go way past my ankles in any way. Yes, these are cropped, but they hit my ankle in the best spot. I can't wait to wear these items with my åhléns clogs. (i still dream about my future swedish hasbeens every night.)

Images via COS at and me.


sarahbetty said...

I adore that stripey dress/square with sleeves!

Going to add you to my fave blogs on my website.

Happy Thursday,

Sarah Betty