Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ooh Child

my dad has the most immense record collection i've ever seen. when i was younger, we would sit for hours just going through them, him playing all his favorite songs and telling me the memories that go along with them.

while we went through countless records, i will always remember this one specifically. valerie carter: just a stone's throw away. the album cover was enough to make me fall in love with it. and then i heard her voice. oh, that voice.

on another note, i'm packing to jet over to amsterdam this afternoon. in need of some serious mom-cooked food and a couple of beers while celebrating koninginnedag tomorrow.

ooh child, things are gonna get easier
ooh child, things will be brighter.
valerie carter

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


in all truth i haven't picked up a drawing pencil in a long time. and it's one of those things- once you stop for awhile, it takes that much more motivation to start again (cough, gym, cough). i forgot how soothing drawing can be.. just sort of forgetting the world around you. and it's just you, the pencil, and paper. instant mind therapy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

end of days at Sketchbook

Yesterday was my last official day at Sketchbook Magazine. I must say, I've never met so many amazing people in one place. The motivation, dedication, and love that goes into the magazine and pop-up shop is unbelievable, and I really can't wait to see Sketchbook grow into the name it deserves. I'm sad to leave but university work is so important to me right now and working at Sketchbook really is a full-time job.

I'll be posting some of what I learned there and some of what I worked on another time. For now, back to uni work!

photo by me.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

dan in real life

You know why we have lighthouses? They keep boats safe and they help us from crashing into rocks because when you're out there and you're being tossed back and forth by those big dark waves and you think you'll never feel land again and you that you could just split into a million pieces and just sink down all the way down into the deep, it's the light that keeps us on course. It's the light.

i really enjoy this film. the first time i watched it, it was blah. the second time, much better. it's strange seeing steve carell out of his typical humorous element. but strangely refreshing.

dan in real life.

Monday, April 19, 2010

PETER JENSEN sample sale!!

Incredibly excited about this. I hope they have some great stuff (and i hope it's not expensive!) Peter Jensen makes me week at the knees. Work experience please??

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ed Templeton: Drinking The Kool-Aid

About a week ago, we decided to watch the documentary Beautiful Losers over some dessert in our lovely kitchen (which doubles as our living room). I immediately fell in love with all the people who took part and the art that they were doing: the perfect movie to inspire me to start some art of my own again. If you have not seen it, you must!

The next day, my friends had randomly heard about an exhibition of one of the guys, Ed Templeton, that had just opened up in London. They had gone that day and even seen Ed leaving the gallery space (pretty cool!) I knew I had to go and see the gallery. Photography is a huge interest of mine, and the gallery (both the art AND the space itself) didn't let me down.

Focused on skateboarding life and culture, Ed Templeton photographs a variety of subjects, from his wife to young kids who have an interest in skating. His photographs are incredibly personal and quite frequently sexually driven. All of them are telling some sort of story, whether it's a 17 year old boy who has a limited future in front of him or an intimate moment with his wife.

One of my favorite things about Ed's photographs is the little handwritten inscription he gives all of them. They usually state where it was taken and the subject and sometimes even tells the story of the subject itself.

The curation of the exhibit was fantastic. Photo montages were grouped together on the walls enclosed in wooden frames. The white walls seemed to fade away amongst the art, which all spoke loudly to the eye.

Elms Lester Painting Rooms, London WC2
Gallery is open until April 17th.

all photos by me

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

COS, i love you.

I first heard about COS about three years ago when one had just opened in the Hague. It was a whole big thing: how many stores really sell high fashion at good quality at a great price? Well, truthfully, not many. Sure, you can get your copy or knock off at Topshop, H&M, or Zara. I know whenever i go for a "copy" at these stores, I feel like I look great, but I don't necessarily feel great. In COS, you can get both, and what's better than that?

They're Spring '10 look book is full of this beautiful blonde model: perfect for their straight-up Swedish brand history. The clothes look loose, comfortable, and modern.

I pulled these two looks off their website (did I mention they have an amazing website?) I love the button-down with trouser combination. It's so simple, but never fails to look amazing. And, of course, the black harem. 80's comfort to the max.

COS is severely dangerous territory for me. Granted, it's "cheap" high fashion, but on a student budget, 50 £ for a pair of pants is no way cheap. However, there's something about the fit of the clothes, the comfort of the fabric, and the way I feel in them that almost completely makes me forget about price.

I'm not crazy about changing-room photographs, but it had to be done. This stripey dress just made me go crazy. It's comfort to another level and modern with a classic twist. When laid down flat without a hanger, this dress is literally a massive square with tight little sleeves. Yet, on, this dress is a masterpiece of draped cotton.

I do have a nice little collection of high-waisted casual trousers. Something about COS trousers is always appealing on the floor models, as well as seeing the staff walk around in them. They're that perfect fit that I feel I can only get from a store like COS. Despite my short height, I don't feel like the trousers go way past my ankles in any way. Yes, these are cropped, but they hit my ankle in the best spot. I can't wait to wear these items with my åhléns clogs. (i still dream about my future swedish hasbeens every night.)

Images via COS at and me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Karen Walker

i always enjoy the top floor of urban outfitters on oxford street, where they stock higher designer names with higher prices. my favorites on this floor are pretty consistent: peter jensen, cheap monday, and karen walker. i'd been browsing through loads of websites this evening, and it dawned on me that i haven't checked out karen walker's website before. for the first time, i looked at images of the karen walker runway shows, and boy, do i like what i see!

now, it's pretty easy to see why i like this collection. sailor stripes, fun prints, a summer-ease feel, and the occasional floppy hat. i would completely live in that jacket in the third image.

but karen walker isn't your typical designer. the fit of her garments are always fantastic and sometimes non-conventional. i don't necessarily always think clothes need to hug the body. while some girls love to wear body-hugging outfits, i always love an interesting silhouette. this may be a gorgeous tent-dress or baggy trousers with a fitted top. karen walker has a great sense of silhouettes, "with one foot in tailoring and the other in streetwear" - a look which i can see myself immersed in.


Playing with Polyvore

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Broadway Market and London Fields

Today the sun was shining bright and possibly the warmest day yet of the year. We decided to take Yvan's advice and check out Broadway Market, as well as sit in the park in London Fields. It was definitely a successful day, filled with sunglasses, love and pancakes.

Tom, Rosie, and Emily sift through discounted magazines and booklets in Broadway Market.

...dreaming of living on the Regents Canal

Emily basks in the sun in front of our home.

An old school car randomly situated in front of an old tagged-up building.

All photos by me on a gorgeous London day.

Sketchbook Magazine + Pop-Up Shop

I've been lucky enough to get involved with Sketchbook Magazine for the past 5 or so weeks. I've been helping with PR, writing, and anything else that needs doing. Starting with Sketchbook coincided with the opening of the Sketchbook Pop-Up shop on 10 Newburgh Street, Carnaby. We've spent endless hours, morning to night, in the shop preparing, PRing, and perfecting everything that we could to get it smoothly done. The fabulous Rachel Menashy has been planning the project since January with editor-in-chief Wafa Alobaidat, both of whom are amazing people. I'm so in awe of both of them, and so grateful to be a part of such a fantastic project.

The walls in the downstairs rooms have been decorated top to bottom by some of the UK's most talented young artists (the above image from a room done by Annie Driscoll). You can't help but be inspired wandering the rooms where every little corner is filled with detail.

Various lectures, panels, and workshops have been held in the shop so far. Endless names from the fashion industry and art world have graced the shop, to both speak and be inspired by our cozy space. Just yesterday I was sitting next to Lee Lapthorne of On/Off, having a discussion about how he started and how he got to where he is now. Each lecture and panel are written up on our Sketchbook Blog, which you can read here.

Quick shot taken before the crowds started arriving at the launch. Pictured: Wafa, Me, Emma, Hanna, Norah.

All photographs from above by Sarolta Marton.

Photo by Yvan Rodic the Facehunter. I love how this photo perfectly captures the essence of our "office" room.

Here are the covers for the next issue, soon to be launched. I love how these portraits have been taken to the next level with Henry's infamous lettering and Prince Pelayo's safety pins. Artwork done by Kelly Jackson with decorations by Lala Lee.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


i've been extremely busy with an internship which i will speak more of later. but i just had to put this gorgeous photo of alix the cherry blossom girl up. the epitome of style perfection and photographic elegance:

photo: the cherry blossom girl