Saturday, March 6, 2010

bright shiny morning

i started reading James Frey's A Million Little Pieces after my sister recommended it to me as one of her favorite books of all time. straight up, if my sister recommends a book to me, i know its going to be good... especially if its one of her favorites. i immediately fell in love with the story. the character's addiction was like my addiction to the book and it was impossible to put down. soon after, i read the follow up novel, My Friend Leonard, which didn't let me down. i don't care that he made the story up. isn't that what writers are good at anyway?

yesterday i got my hands on Bright Shiny Morning, and 10 pages in and i'm already hooked. its different then his other two but his writing style is the same. it's his writing style that really draws you in. its hypnotic, repetitive, and full of real emotion. i can't wait for my evenings full of cups of tea and this book..

also, pardon my spaz posting. i really would like to get into a routine of constant gradual posts but i'm having trouble with so many exciting things going on currently in my life. i promise to get better at it soon, but soon might not come for awhile. in the meantime, i really enjoy writing about things that interest me as they come. sometimes it just takes longer to come to me i guess...