Thursday, March 25, 2010



i've been attending the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island on and off ever since i was a kid. i always associated it with my parents and their music taste. never did i realize that i, too, would be into the same music at a later age.

last summer's folk festival was incredibly fun. how can you say no to hot sun and live music on the waterfront? and delicious falafals and ice cold lemonade?

needless to say, i was excited when my sister sent me an email with the lineup for summer '10.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the avett brothers at paradiso

seeing the avett brothers at the relentless garage in london only made me hungry to see more of them. i was ecstatic to see them at the paradiso in my home of amsterdam. and of course, they didn't let me down.

the number of dutch people at the concert was actually surprising. in london, the show was a majority of americans. however, seeing numbers and numbers of dutch people made me smile: the avett brothers are finally getting the fame and huge international fan base that they deserve.

looking at these pictures makes me nostalgic of the atmosphere and the energy at the show. everyone was so in love with the music, jumping around and stomping. at the encore, the crowd even sang them back to the lala's in "go to sleep".

all in all, it was a fabulous time. to be able to share the show with my family and my lovely was truely an amazing feeling. it's so great to be able to share music with those you love. it makes it that more personal and enjoyable.

all photos by me. paradiso, amsterdam

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

this past weekend in amsterdam was the best weekend vacation. family, love, good food, good friends, avocados, cherry beer, red wine, new music, bike riding in sunshine, and the avett brothers. i couldn't even ask for anything more.

here's my new favorite musician: gregory alan isakov. it will definitely be on repeat for a long time coming. thanks, aleks, for finding him! this is my favorite song thus far:

Monday, March 22, 2010

miu miu

these shoes not only belong to alexa chung, but also the beautiful cherry blossom girl. endlessly envious. these shoes are a work of art.

picture via the cherry blossom girl

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

robert and phyllis brown

my grandparent's wedding. these images are still frames from original film footage (yes, film!) recently discovered and currently being remastered.

watching all this old film footage really makes me happy. it's so great to see your family before you and how they lived. it looks straight out of a movie. absolute perfection.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the avett brothers at the relentless garage

i was so looking forward to this gig for so long, and it didn't disappoint in the least. their voices are even better in person and the constant banjo just makes my world a little bit brighter.

i hope to push my way to the front at paradiso on monday to get some even better shots. these were the best i could do standing behind a 6 foot tall man. i never really realize how small i am until i go to gigs. everyone seems miles taller than me.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


a set of matryoshka dolls i got in russia.

new top from COS sits on my bookshelf.

beloved deer head decoration. i've already started collecting these.

wall of frames and trinkets. this wall has built up slowly since i moved in.

i love tin toys. and a mini amsterdam canal house above my door.

style inspiration

first and third images: facehunter
second image: hanneli mustaparta


last sunday, we ventured out of london in a little red car and spent a few hours in frinton-on-sea. we had a lovely sunday roast, walked the beach and froze, and headed to a cafe for tea and cake. this is probably my favorite way to spend a sunday. it was nice to see what england looks like outside of london.

Friday, March 12, 2010

exit through the gift shop

Wednesday night I went to see the much anticipated film Exit Through the Gift Shop: A Banksy Film.

At first glance, I thought the film would entirely focus on multiple street artists and what they do. But as the film went on, it all funneled down to artist Mister Brainwash (MBW) and his inspirations. While i thoroughly enjoyed the film, I left the cinema confused and angry at society for accepting an artist such as MBW. While he does take ideas and transform them to be his own, every piece is directly inspired by his close friends (consisting of space invader, shepard fairey, and banksy to name a few). While he may be "genius", he doesn't even create most of his works and sells his pieces for thousands of dollars. I was both angry in his artist lifestyle, but surprised how amazing it is that a man with minimal artistic skills can succeed in the art world with such flying colors.

The film was a great representation of the ever-present street art era. Now people do appreciate graffiti as an art form, and this appreciation is growing. I really enjoyed watching this documentary, and would happily go see it again.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a perfect orange

this photo of australian model abbey lee at paris fashion week is just so perfect, i can't take my eyes off her. i love this outfit.

image courtesy of altamira

Saturday, March 6, 2010

reading week.

theres nothing much better then flying into schiphol, taking the train to amsterdam centraal, and seeing this when i step out of the station. the air is fresh, the sun was shining, the architecture is beautiful. canal houses in amsterdam still never fail to take my breath away, even after almost three and a half years of being able to call the city my home.

i spent a few days catching up with m'lovely in den haag. here's a view of holland's vast fields on what turned out to be another gray day..

friday afternoon i ended up eating my favorite appel spek pancake with my mom. we tried a different place out this time. the wall was amazing, covered with all sorts of old dutch bills and fake american money.

tomorrow i venture out to the english country side for a day. can't wait for some adventures bound to happen.

bright shiny morning

i started reading James Frey's A Million Little Pieces after my sister recommended it to me as one of her favorite books of all time. straight up, if my sister recommends a book to me, i know its going to be good... especially if its one of her favorites. i immediately fell in love with the story. the character's addiction was like my addiction to the book and it was impossible to put down. soon after, i read the follow up novel, My Friend Leonard, which didn't let me down. i don't care that he made the story up. isn't that what writers are good at anyway?

yesterday i got my hands on Bright Shiny Morning, and 10 pages in and i'm already hooked. its different then his other two but his writing style is the same. it's his writing style that really draws you in. its hypnotic, repetitive, and full of real emotion. i can't wait for my evenings full of cups of tea and this book..

also, pardon my spaz posting. i really would like to get into a routine of constant gradual posts but i'm having trouble with so many exciting things going on currently in my life. i promise to get better at it soon, but soon might not come for awhile. in the meantime, i really enjoy writing about things that interest me as they come. sometimes it just takes longer to come to me i guess...

i want to live in a peter jensen world...

... where we live in a land that looks like a sketch and where we dress like modern school girls with a vintage twist. would love to play dress up with every item in this collection. mmm that swing coat and luxurious white flowy top!

images Peter Jensen AW10 from

i love her.

...why i love chloƫ sevigny

Elle UK April 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


perhaps i did succumb to the whole twilight robert pattinson thing for awhile. yes, i like to make fun of myself for it and take it lightly, but it's all in good fun!

this said, i'm also a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon's skits entitled "robert is bothered". they really are hilarious. and then i stumbled upon this new one which just over did it for me... in a good way.

Monday, March 1, 2010

permanent vacation

i'm a huge fan of the swedish brand Permanent Vacation. they're clothes are so perfect and i wish i could purchase every single piece. here are a few looks i fell in love with from their SS'10 collection.

all photographs courtesy of permanent vacation.

my monday afternoon...

it's sunny today for the first time in what feels like months. it's even warm enough to keep my windows open for more then five minutes! although theres a slight chill, it's a perfect preview to London springtime, and i'm already incredibly excited for those days in the park with sketchbooks, sandwiches, and vintage dresses.

i'm wearing this dress from Paper Dress on Curtain Road. in my opinion, the BEST place to get vintage dresses. while they're not incredibly cheap (they're similarily priced to beyond retro), they are all altered to perfect fit and style.

i have a little sofa chair perfectly positioned right next to my window. its great for people watching and sun bathing.

currently reading the new issue of Lula magazine (issue ten). definitely one of my favorite magazines. its so dreamy...

and listening to white lies with a cup of tea. perfect monday afternoon!