Wednesday, February 24, 2010


the american apparel "vintage" floppy bow was hard to pass up. it reminds me of a modern take of 1920's headbands. it may not be the most practical thing in the world and if not worn right i'm sure it looks ridiculous. but i love hair accessories, vintage or vintage-inspired. why don't more people wear hats these days?

get yours here

i want a taste of a bright day

let's forget about the world

shooting john

Monday, February 15, 2010

t-2 months until some warmth

only two months to go until april/may. now thats not too long is it? given the idea that it will actually be warmer in london by then..

this photograph makes me happy. i took it in my house in america. its warm, inviting, summer beachy, and comforting. i can't wait for those days again in the summer.. no matter how long they last.

hearing damage

Saturday, February 13, 2010

frilly pants

vintage underwear as outerwear

valentines love.

clearly it's not valentines day until tomorrow. but i woke up this morning to a rowdy mailman frantically knocking on our door. it was a massive box with my name on it! inside was these lovely balloons and a box of chocolates. it made my weekend, thank you family!

Friday, February 12, 2010


hannah&landon's beautiful vintage new york city life style is so inspiring. her photographs and hat collection are more then worthy. her blog is definitely worth the glance. click here.

photos from hannah&landon metz.

ill with want

my weekend in america. fun-filled with ice skating/dangerous endeavors, haircuts, and delicious food.

basically we're twins..

a weekend may be a short time to be back in my native country, but any more or less might make it not so special. during my time at home, i'm always reminded of what true comfort is. getting everyone together that i love entirely in one place is a difficult feat, but once accomplished, i will be endlessly happy.
but it's these rare occurrences that make it so special. it is hard to define a single home when your torn between three different places. my dad always told us that "home is where your heart is." can your heart be split in three?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

H! by Henry Holland

while scanning through henry holland's twitter updates, which are always fun and entertaining, i found a link to his collaboration with debenhams! i'm so happy to have stumbled upon it.. henry is one of my favorite designers, and this line is totally affordable and wearable! i quickly picked out only a few of my favorite pieces.

all pieces H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams. Shop here!

it's fantastic that there are so many great basics for cheap (with clever henry signatures) as well as some crazy fun prints to get me excited for spring.

i'll clearly be stopping by debenhams to handle the pieces in person tomorrow after class. yesssss.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


the more i look at the likes of Louise Gray, the more I love it.

How about this dress and brooch available from asos? YES PLEASE LOUISE!