Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what i'll miss about being home

cups of tea in my Blonde Amsterdam mug and little afternoon snacks.

magical things in Amsterdam that haven't changed for hundreds of years

skating on canals with mom and drinking hot chocolate with dad.

lovely nooks in my house that the light hits just right at the perfect time of day.

fresh flowers all the time and lovely wall decorations.

i'm leaving to go back to school in London tomorrow. its always hard to go back after long periods of time. its like starting all over again: boyfriend withdrawal, mom's food withdrawal, dishwasher and dryer withdrawal. thank goodness i have a great group of friends to go back to. my days will quickly be filled up with school and my internship. i do hope to make some changes this year.. some new years resolutions of some sort i guess. 1) be more active in recreational activities. go to more movies, go to more pubs with my friends, and see some more live music. i'm sick of being lazy and tired all the time. 2) become fit. join the gym. take yoga classes. make this a routine! 3) meet new people. make some new friends. 4) become more immersed in the vintage market. learn about how shops work, get some experience!

currently listening to fleet foxes. this ones my favorite off this album today:


FESI said...

amazing photos!


know that feeling....