Sunday, January 17, 2010

my new favorite brooch

i was given this brooch as a gift yesterday by my magnificently talented friend and flatmate, Emily. she has been making loads of small accessories and hair pieces lately and selling them around london. i hope to do a feature on her work soon!

i ventured down to brick lane market today for a wander. while the market is still full of energy and excitement, not much has changed since the past month or so. all the stalls are the same, and i can't even count the number of jewelry stands selling similar things. while i still love brick lane, spitafields and portobello are quickly becoming new favorites. get some new creative stalls, brick lane!


Mai said...

great brooch!

Linus said...

cool brooch. just move to london I have to check brick lane out a little bit closer but my roommates keeps telling me the same about i