Sunday, January 10, 2010

miss chloë sevigny

there aren't many people that i like to follow when it comes to personal style. all in all, i'm most inspired by people i see in the city, occasional movies, books, and my friends. however, under celebs and musicians, i do have a weakness for the likes of zooey deschanel, mary-kate olsen, and of course miss chloë sevigny.

now, i can't say i know much about chloë. what i do know is that she's a fantastic actress (i've only seen her in "kids"), shes got a collaboration with opening ceremony, and she occasionally writes for elle magazine. her personal style is so fantastic and i simply love looking at photographs of her. shes a natural with the camera and has a beauty that is effortless. chloë, i must say, i am a huge fan.

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