Tuesday, January 19, 2010

lace-collared cardigan and pastel floral blazer

while at brick lane on sunday i did manage to swing by Beyond Retro. in all truth, the place is hard to avoid. it takes a lot of effort to rummage through countless racks in one of the largest vintage stores i've encountered thus far, but it always pays off. i found this sweater glowing at me from across the room with its beautiful lace collar attached. and then this blazer popped out amongst the crowd. both are very exciting pieces that i'm happy to add to my wardrobe. i'm glad to have energy to look for vintage, because i most definitely had a recent phase where i couldn't be bothered. happily, i'm back into my usual vintage craze and it feels great.

heres a velvet bow i also picked up at beyond retro. it has this perfect netting on it, which looks great when i wear my hair up.


Lo said...

I love that floral blazer!