Sunday, January 31, 2010

dreaming of the sun

after the snow fall the other day (again.. my god will it please stop being cold?) i began to think of warm weather again. i pulled out this bikini looks a month ago or so and have been dreaming of them since. i've been scared to wear a high-waisted bikini before because of strange tan lines, but am actually really excited to maybe have my first one this year. the first and third are from urban outfitters, the middle one is from

över min döda kropp

i ventured into Rock Paper Scissors in Amsterdam today (on the Oude Leliestraat) and was ecstatic to see that a Kostym jacket that i had my eye on since the summer was on sale 50% off. i always love going into this store, not only for the strong scandanavian brands that they keep in stock, but also the wide selection of clothing styles. of course i immediately grabbed this jacket (pictured about at the cheap monday show aw09) and am now the proud owner of it. can't wait to put on, with an emily jane bow brooch on it of course x


our love was lost
but now we found it.
temper trap.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

music therapy

Ten thousand words swarm around my head
Ten million more in books written beneath my bed
I wrote or read them all when searching in the swarms
Still can't find out how to hold my hands

been listening to the avett brothers on a non-stop basis. they have the most beautiful voices and their lyrics are like magic. i have currently hit a minor speed bump and they are my cure. excited to see them play in london and amsterdam on their first tour overseas.

back from paris yesterday with a bucket full of photos and a handful of new friends. had a fabulous time and learned a lot about the pret a porter tradeshow.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

friday xiii

come on baby, you got something to lose
i'll buy you new clothes, i'll buy you new shoes
all kinds of things you really couldn't use
but all i need is you.

paris dans la matinée

tomorrow morning i am catching a train to paris with my fellow classmates. we're attending the pret a porter trade show on tuesday, and exploring the city the rest of the time. excited to travel, make new friends, take photographs and soak up the paris-je ne sais quoi with multiple glasses of wine and french cider.

pictures by me in Paris, April 2009 x


one of my favorite christmas presents: the house of holland alphabet tights! they're just so fun. thank you jessica and eileen!

portobello market

ventured down to portobello market again this saturday with my good friend. we ate italian food and wandered the many vintage stalls! and of course looked at all the antique items with envy. the atmosphere on a saturday is so crowded and uncomfortable. sadly, the sun wasn't shining. i hope we get some english sun soon, or else i might turn into a goblin.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


the night it all started. oh, what a night. its an old photo, not the best and clearly badly cropped, but its all i have to remember. april 1, 2007. not that i'm a person for dates or anything..

i miss my aleks. hopefully only a few more weeks til we are reunited again.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

secret santa

my flatmates and i decided to do a "secret santa" this christmas, and we didn't get around to actually doing it til last night. i'm happy we did though, because my friend tom got me this AMAZING mustache mug! its possibly the best thing in the world right now. this side is the Charlie Chaplin stache, and the other side is a more classic thick curled stache. i love it!

lace-collared cardigan and pastel floral blazer

while at brick lane on sunday i did manage to swing by Beyond Retro. in all truth, the place is hard to avoid. it takes a lot of effort to rummage through countless racks in one of the largest vintage stores i've encountered thus far, but it always pays off. i found this sweater glowing at me from across the room with its beautiful lace collar attached. and then this blazer popped out amongst the crowd. both are very exciting pieces that i'm happy to add to my wardrobe. i'm glad to have energy to look for vintage, because i most definitely had a recent phase where i couldn't be bothered. happily, i'm back into my usual vintage craze and it feels great.

heres a velvet bow i also picked up at beyond retro. it has this perfect netting on it, which looks great when i wear my hair up.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

my new favorite brooch

i was given this brooch as a gift yesterday by my magnificently talented friend and flatmate, Emily. she has been making loads of small accessories and hair pieces lately and selling them around london. i hope to do a feature on her work soon!

i ventured down to brick lane market today for a wander. while the market is still full of energy and excitement, not much has changed since the past month or so. all the stalls are the same, and i can't even count the number of jewelry stands selling similar things. while i still love brick lane, spitafields and portobello are quickly becoming new favorites. get some new creative stalls, brick lane!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

edie and andy

i began looking at edie during a very transitional stage in my life. i was discovering art, discovering a definition of beauty, and taking my first steps in exploring fashion. i felt like i could relate to her but i couldn’t. i felt like i wanted to be her, but i really didn’t. shes so inspiring, so devastating, so tragic. such beautiful creatures can only be so tragic. i hate her story and love it at the same time. what is it about a reckless beautiful life that is so intriguing?


Friday, January 15, 2010

copenhagen inspiration

i love these woolen trousers paired with this airy peasant blouse. don't they have quite a few at zara at the moment? i might have to take a peek in there..

image via Copenhagen Street Style

Thursday, January 14, 2010

school daze

back to school today. time to get into that routine again. its funny how when your on holiday for too long, you just want to do something. now that i've started, however, i just want to do nothing.
want what you can't have..

found this top last year at Beyond Retro. these shorts are my new favorite from Episode in Amsterdam. they were some sort of suede pant that's been shortened. they're actually longer then this, but it's a weird length on my short legs. they look much cuter rolled up twice!


i got this stunning jacket at Joosje, a vintage store on spuistraat. it fits me like a glove and hugs my waist perfectly. now i must find the perfect time to wear it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what i'll miss about being home

cups of tea in my Blonde Amsterdam mug and little afternoon snacks.

magical things in Amsterdam that haven't changed for hundreds of years

skating on canals with mom and drinking hot chocolate with dad.

lovely nooks in my house that the light hits just right at the perfect time of day.

fresh flowers all the time and lovely wall decorations.

i'm leaving to go back to school in London tomorrow. its always hard to go back after long periods of time. its like starting all over again: boyfriend withdrawal, mom's food withdrawal, dishwasher and dryer withdrawal. thank goodness i have a great group of friends to go back to. my days will quickly be filled up with school and my internship. i do hope to make some changes this year.. some new years resolutions of some sort i guess. 1) be more active in recreational activities. go to more movies, go to more pubs with my friends, and see some more live music. i'm sick of being lazy and tired all the time. 2) become fit. join the gym. take yoga classes. make this a routine! 3) meet new people. make some new friends. 4) become more immersed in the vintage market. learn about how shops work, get some experience!

currently listening to fleet foxes. this ones my favorite off this album today:

Monday, January 11, 2010

swedish hasbeens

i've been drooling over these shoes for a little under a year now. mainly, ever since i saw them on swedish blogger Amanda, i've been so obsessed with this clog-style. although shoes had a brief disgust of clogs in our stiletto-heeled decade, i do think clogs are making a huge come back. they've been seen on all street style photographers in at least the past year and there's usually at least one person sporting these Swedish Hasbeens at each fashion week.

i do currently own a knock-off pair of SH from Åhléns, which i was kindly shown by aleks's sister, who also owns a pair. while this satisfies my clog-needs, i will most definitely start saving for these beauties.

in the meantime, check out Amanda and Olivia's blog, moderniteter, if you haven't already! this blog is definitely one of the roots of my personal style. about three years ago, aleks told me to take a look at swedish fashion bloggers and this was the first one i stumbled upon. it quickly became my favorite all time blog (even though i can't read swedish... yet). these sisters are absolutely stunning. i would love to dive into both of their closets.

photos courtesy of swedish hasbeens and moderniteter.

brick lane via facehunter.

who knew a vintage long green coat would look so good on a gray weather day at brick lane? yet for a tiny girl like me, add some heels and a couple days at the gym to make this work...

picture via facehunter

Sunday, January 10, 2010

ice skating with aleks

miss chloë sevigny

there aren't many people that i like to follow when it comes to personal style. all in all, i'm most inspired by people i see in the city, occasional movies, books, and my friends. however, under celebs and musicians, i do have a weakness for the likes of zooey deschanel, mary-kate olsen, and of course miss chloë sevigny.

now, i can't say i know much about chloë. what i do know is that she's a fantastic actress (i've only seen her in "kids"), shes got a collaboration with opening ceremony, and she occasionally writes for elle magazine. her personal style is so fantastic and i simply love looking at photographs of her. shes a natural with the camera and has a beauty that is effortless. chloë, i must say, i am a huge fan.

click on collage to see it larger..

photos come from,,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

minimarket SS'10

i absolutely adore this collection. those creamsicle colors and that perfect scandanavian fit = stunning. this is how i want to look this spring.

photo from post at


i really can't stop loving this outfit of MKO. everytime i see it on a blog, i'm reminded of it's amazingness. theres something gorgeous about a small frame wearing a large menswear jacket. time to buy a pastel-peach mens blazer.


Saturday, January 2, 2010