Tuesday, September 2, 2008


being in europe means not being able to watch the fave tv shows the night they air. and to watch them the next day, online. so this is what we're doing today: gossip girl!

its raining and typical amsterdam weather, and its so cozy! my boyfriends here, back from his first day of classes, passed out on my bed as i write this. he was my photographer today, and he did a great job of it! i've been cleaning and unpacking, only to pack again in the next week for London. oh, the craze!

heres the debut of my zip skirt i got at salvation army. wearing it with a white tee, my gray blazer, and docs. this outfit is kind of a play with the grayscale.

blazer: salvation army
tee: h&m
zip skirt: salvation army
shoes: doc martens
bag: topshop


copperoranges said...

i adore the second photo. you look so cute.