Friday, September 5, 2008


haven't posted in a couple of days. i'm not busy at all, however. to tell the complete and honest truth, i've been watching dawson's creek, and i have entirely breezed through the fourth season. i know, kind of pathetic. but once i move to London i will be so much more productive!

my sister was gone for a couple of days, and since she is the main form of entertainment at the moment i will be happy to get off the couch since she's back.

wore this just to a cafe on the Haarlermmestraat. ate some apple pie, nachos, and tea. mmm. perfect for a rainy day.

hat: marc jacobs
jacket: H&M
shirt: H&M
belt: zara
jeans: cheap monday
vintage bag, and the docs


TINE said...

great, great blog! Let's link?

fritha louise said...

Love the jeans and bag!