Monday, September 29, 2008

home for the weekend

being in London and in the center of everything has been pretty exciting. but it's all kind of sudden, especially in my first week diving head first into fashion week. all the excitement was great, until fashion week ended and my days were filled with nothing but watching dawson's creek. i had my intros to the course i am doing this year, and then it hit me: how much i missed the warmth of my own home, wandering amsterdam with my sister and parents, and cuddling with my boyfriend.

so i headed back to amsterdam for the weekend. this shot was taken before my sis and i met up with one of my great a'dam friends. 

jacket: Topshop
skirt: AA
bag: vintage (hermes kelly look-a-like)
glasses: Ray Ban


copperoranges said...

this is such a nice look! my best friend made a leopard coat for her sewing class very similar to yours! i'm quite jealous.

would you like trade links?

Louise said...

i love your style. you're so lucky to be living in london! i'm jealous. haha. want to trade links?

nn said...

I like your like so much!!!And your friends style too!
Follow you inmediately!