Wednesday, September 17, 2008


photo by Eddie Newton from

so i had some random fashion pictures in my last post. however, these past few days have been even MORE exciting if you can believe it! i'll start by posting some from yesterday.

a friend and i went to stand outside the Christopher Kane SS09 show to check things out. tons of fabulous people in fabulous shoes and some really great photographers, too. we were so close to getting into the show after my friend made fast friends with one of the photographers, but the doors closed and the show was almost over. just too late! we decided to come back later to check out the louise goldin show. the bouncers were nice enough to let us in (and probably recognized us from earlier) and the show was incredible. beautiful structures and a neutral pallet. the energy rush just watching the show was amazing, and we were both hungry to watch more shows. hence, day two of lurking around the shows. i'll do a separate post for that...

yvan the facehunter, taking photos of the lovely scarlett

pictures from Louise Goldin. this day was fantastic.