Wednesday, September 10, 2008


packing packing packing. and feeling quite blah. i just kind of threw on clothes today without thinking.

h&m jacket
vintage tank
AA skirt and AA faux denim leggings
doc martens
marc by marc by marc bag.


Lydia said...

For someone who just "threw stuff on", you look pretty chic. The way you wear Docs is so sweet.

Adiel said...

I can never think of how to wear my motorcycle jacket, so thanks for the inspiration!

Big Daddy said...
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Big Daddy said...

I always love your style and your house looks amazing!

copperoranges said...

i love that jacket. you do good dressin in the dark i think.

liz. said...

gah even when you throw stuff on you look great! I've been following you blog for a the non-creepiest way and you always look ahhhmazing and so chic!
I've added you as one of my favourite blogs in my list thingy on my blog by the way (i don't think any of that made sense...)
keep doing what you do best :)