Saturday, August 2, 2008

red puff skirt!

heres my skirt that i finished last night. the red fabric is some sort of nylon while the black on the bottom is satin. its comfortable and very puffy. today i set out to make my first form-fitting piece: a black pencil skirt. i'll post that later....

in the photo i'm wearing it with the sheer zipper back shirt i made a week ago :)

top: self made
skirt: self made
glasses: ray ban
shoes: payless


Adiel said...

Wow, you have quite a talent! Love the skirt! Question, did you make it with a pattern or did you just kind of make it up as you go?

Style Addict said...

Cool can u make me a few skirts!
ur talented! please

Mrs.Zeus said...

That is awesome!!!
Ive been on a hunt for puffy skirt and I was thinking to make it myself too. Is there a way you can make a tutorial for this?
Will greatly appreciate.