Wednesday, August 27, 2008


ah so many posts!
heres the debut of my two new blazers.

this ones sort of gray and black checkered and it has shoulder pads. i don't mind them so much though. this blazers pretty thick and completely wool so its perfect for fall. $6 at the Salvation Army!

this ones got a sort of nautical feel to it. its black with the cutest gold buttons and its completely versatile. its also got shoulder pads, and i may remove them. still thinking about it though. $8 at the salvation army!


Adiel said...

I love the shoulder pads! Looks great!

Snowshoe said...

I recently bought a blazer similar to the first one. I want to rock it with something short and tight since it's so boxy... and really high heels and of course... some wonderfully fugly glasses. : )

Mimi said...

i'm so jealous of the 2nd one.

Pollito Moreno said...

Love the blazers. Salvation Army is my thrift store of choice. :)

nv said...

im in love with the second one, its so nice!