Sunday, August 31, 2008

hello, amsterdam!

i arrived back at the ankerplaats in amsterdam yesterday morning. total jetlag, with one hour of sleep on the plane. i'm really not good with sleeping on planes, and being uncomfortably close to people everywhere doesn't help me to relax. coming home here though is the best feeling ever. the house smells of fresh varnish and vanilla and my mom and katrina were just as excited to see me as i was them. although i was exhausted beyond belief, i made it all the way through midnight with an action packed day. hung out with my boyfriend, hung out with my best friend, and went to a house party where i saw everyone else who i haven't seen in awhile. after 4 glasses of wine i had to trek home and immediately passed out on my warm bed.

today i walked around the shops with my sister, which was nice because we hadn't done it in awhile. we both had been wanting some doc martens, and after deep consideration we each bought a pair and wore them out of the store. they were pricey, but the shoes are so versatile and perfect for everyday flats that it's hard to say no. met mom for nachos at Goodies, and came home for some dawsons and rest before going to a movie. feels so great to be home!

leotard: AA
shorts: salvation army
boots: doc martens
bag: topshop
hat: H&M

Friday, August 29, 2008

goodbye massachusetts!

i've had so much stress lately about getting my UK visa and my passport back in time for my flight today to go back home to Amsterdam. but everythings worked out and i have my passport and homeward bound i go! so long summery beaches, fresh cape cod air, and river marshes! i will miss you until christmas time...

hat: Circa vintage
tank: AA
shorts: salvation army

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


ah so many posts!
heres the debut of my two new blazers.

this ones sort of gray and black checkered and it has shoulder pads. i don't mind them so much though. this blazers pretty thick and completely wool so its perfect for fall. $6 at the Salvation Army!

this ones got a sort of nautical feel to it. its black with the cutest gold buttons and its completely versatile. its also got shoulder pads, and i may remove them. still thinking about it though. $8 at the salvation army!

black leather hotness

another fantastic DC purchase. this dress is from one of my favorite stores called Meeps! its totally fantastic and there are some really great things in there. i bought this black leather dress along with a pink babydoll night gown. i'm wearing the dress with a beanie i got at Marc by Marc Jacobs for $15 and the f21 shoes. plus! my awesome snake arm bracelet which i found at urban outfitters (sorry riet, i didn't get you one.)

dress: Meeps
shoes: f21
beanie: m by mj
bracelet: urban oufitters
cross necklace: store in greece

70s brit school girl dress

i love checking out vintage shops in washington DC. i think they have some great stuff down there. i got this dress from a small upstairs vintage shop in Adams Morgan. the lady was so persuasive so i ended up buying it. i think its perfect for the streets of london in fall. its completely wool and a little itchy but so cute! i'm picturing it with knee socks and a big brown bag.

the shoes are new from urban outfitters. the styles kind of cowboy boot with out the boot part. they are almost man shoes and i love them!

dress: vintage
shoes: urban outfitters
sunglasses: vintage

the Jen Lindley dress

i found this dress at the new Salvation Army in Wareham. it was the first time i've stepped foot in a Salvation Army and it quickly became one of my favorite places to shop. thanks liz for taking me!
Other purchases from salvation army:
-a gray blazer. you will soon see.
-a black sailor blazer. my favorite.
-striped sailor shorts
-a geometric patterned shirt
-the jl dress
all for a shocking $25!

this dress immediately reminded me of Jen Lindley from Dawson's Creek. Ok, Ok, i know i'm a huge dork, but i've been watching dawson's creek for the first time (i'm currently on season 3. so addicting.) this dress reminded me of ep 1 season 1 when we are first introduced to jen. so i shall forever call this: the Jen Lindley dress.

Dress: Salvation Army
Belt: Garment District
Shoes: H&M

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

new stuff

i've been in DC for the weekend and had my first adventure to the Salvation Army today! meaning.. i have a good amount of some amazing and new excellent pieces and i can't wait to show them.

soon to start posting with them :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

should have been born in the 40's...

my sisters and i had a photo shoot on the back porch today. (minus our little sister, who we miss dearly). it was so great. we drank mimosas and ate BLT's, played cards and ate fudge. it was a beautiful sunny day and perfect temperature. we couldn't have spent a better afternoon together!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

anxiously awaiting

I am so anxiously awaiting for these boots to hit i basically check the site for them everyday. (i probably should not have admit that.) they are everything i could ever want in a boot. theyve got the combat doc martin look to them but they are possibly the highest shoes i hope to own for everyday wear.
they are Emma Cook for Topshop and 150 pounds. a small fortune. yes, i will get a job...

maxi dress

i went out shopping at target today, only to run into one of my friends! but anyways, i'm always so shocked at how many great things they have for cheap. i must have tried on at least 10 pieces of clothing (and i NEVER try on clothes.) i found great basics for my fall wardrobe. after purchasing however, i noticed that every single piece i bought was black, minus a bright white and red marc-jacobs-like richard chai for target tank (which will be great with some high waisted shorts). i don't mind everything being black though, i really really like black lately. plus! i got a new ring, which is really pretty. i'll have to show later.

this is my black maxi dress i got at target for $20. its jersey, so possibly the most comfortable material, and maxi dresses are already twice as comfy already. i shall never take it off!

these photos are also the debut of my new nine west bag. my sisters bought it for me because it looks almost exactly like the miu miu tote i've been lusting after for weeks. i've decided to keep it and i think it works well with my outfits

sunglasses: chanel 5018
maxi dress: target
scarf: episode (vintage)
bag: nine west

Monday, August 18, 2008

Newport, RI

today i had a fun adventure with Liz. we traveled up to Newport on dinner plans and a movie. ended up with lots of great stories....
first, stop at dunkin donuts, the lady gave me tea with no teabag (which was simply hot water, milk, and sugar)
second, we met an elvis creeper at the fudge shop. and liz tormented him to make the situation more awkward.
third, we sat next to these old men at dinner. and they, as liz said, chatted us up.

it was a great adventure. lifes always interesting with liz around.

wore my green tartan skirt with the gold zipper. acne shirt, sheer tights, and mom's wedding shoes.
and i've just realized that the first photo was taken exactly where my parents were married. these shoes have returned to their origin!

skirt: self made
tee: Acne jeans
bag: chanel
shoes: mom's

fashionista of the week!

Fashionista101 has named me fashionista of the week!

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

mention in ny mag

lulu just let me know that the article i wrote for everybody is ugly on Chictopia made it in the New York Magazine blog!!!! awesome!!!

check it out here

zipped black skirt

you could probably tell i have a minor obsession with zippers. oh yes.

i finally got around to making this skirt. i've loved gina tricot's version of it with a silver zipper, but alas, i don't live in any Scandinavian country and am not in reach of it. so i made one... 

my first form fitting skirt! and i'm quite proud of it. elastic waists are nice, but they only create one silhouette and that gets boring after awhile.

tank: H&M
skirt: self made
shoes: old navy
sunglasses: vintage market

red puff skirt!

heres my skirt that i finished last night. the red fabric is some sort of nylon while the black on the bottom is satin. its comfortable and very puffy. today i set out to make my first form-fitting piece: a black pencil skirt. i'll post that later....

in the photo i'm wearing it with the sheer zipper back shirt i made a week ago :)

top: self made
skirt: self made
glasses: ray ban
shoes: payless

Friday, August 1, 2008

plaid is so hot for fall

i'm really loving plaid. since i've bought yards and yards of fabric to make skirts for my business, which is developing quite slow, i got off my lazy ass and made this one today. i'm in the middle of making another one, which will be shown later.

i went for the green plaid, which is more of a flannel material. mm soft! i added in this exposed zipper for decoration (not practicality). it turned out cute! i think i will sell it soon.

tank: AA
skirt: self-made

everybody is ugly

i recently did a guest post for everybody is ugly! check it out here