Tuesday, July 15, 2008

beaching it

today my outfit contrasts with the beaming yellow and white sunrays.

only wore this to the dentist office because that was all i had to do today! i've immediately changed into a bathing suit and am about to hit the beach with my amazingly stylish little sister at the unbelievable age of 13. (check her out at http://www.chictopia.com/user/blog/katrinadew )

ALSO: my really amazing Chanel 5018's arrived today. my hands were literally shaking when i opened up the packaging. they are absolutely gorgeous and i am never taking the beauties off my head. my family laughed and said they were creepy, but i think theyre awesome. tell me what you think!!
tshirt: Radiohead concert tee
skirt: American Apparel lamé
shoes: Forever 21
bag: Chanel
sunglasses: Chanel 5018


emily peta said...

I love your style, gorgeous outfit. So jealous of the Chanels, they're beautiful!

Little Miss Dress Up said...

i envy your chanels!!!! they're gorgeous :)

Shauna said...

absolutly lovly outfit great style and the chanel is so lovely

Fashion Slacker said...

very cute. I really like your outfit. and I like the chanel sunnies, they look good on you!