Thursday, July 17, 2008

new grunge skirt

i've finally finished making my skirt today! difficulties yesterday caused me to put it off to finish today and i'm happy that it got done. its really perfect and just what i imagined it to look like. i wanted a grunge feel, especially cause i'm really into plaid right now. i also love sheer black fabric, so i placed a layer underneath. i didn't want it to be too angry grunge, which is why i've made it with an elastic waist band with a sort of ballerina feel. its gorgeous!!

today i'm wearing it with my marc jacobs tee which i altered to make into a backless tank. also have on my american apparel silver top cause i'm heading to the beach after this. (i love summer.)
pardon the similar background all the time, i've been forced to use the self-timer. once i have my photographer back i'll have to switch it up!

tank: marc jacobs tee
skirt: self-made
shoes: forever 21
sunglasses: chanel 5018


Knight Cat said...

love your style! want to trade links??


G & W said...

i love your style too. and i esp adore the miu miu esque skirts you are making. wish i had sewing skills. i linked you btw!

Caroline said...

im really excited about this blog! keep it up. you have great style and I don't say that lightly ;) haha