Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lusting after the right bag

i've been so addicted to this briefcase style tote for awhile now. i am nowhere near hermes kelly, fakes included, so i've been checking out some other things. my top favorite is this miu miu bag that i've seen on the arms of some very stylish girls (including the beautiful amanda from chictopia!). its burnt red (or ruby as they say) and its got the cutest little shoulder strap and handle. The problem: over $1000. hell no. but still so beautiful and amazing.

so then i got around to checking out the marc by marc jacobs bags. on the more affordable price, yet still a pricy bag. i fell in love with this marc tote, very similar to the chloe, except less box-structured and more free flowing soft leather. it's smaller, and i'm still not sure that its even worth the money.

Boston on friday. Maybe i'll find something while wandering around.