Monday, July 21, 2008

the infamous Chanel 5018s

I've had numerous comments about my Chanel 5018's, some of shock in how they aren't so weird after all, and some of wonder where i got them. i figured i should probably fill you all in on my most favorite sunglasses and best staple in my wardrobe yet. pardon me if i'm raving about my sunglasses, but i do treat them like my baby.

these sunglasses aren't really that weird. after seeing them grace the faces of Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate Olsen, i had a newfound love for them. yes, these are major celebrities, but that doesn't mean average people can wear them too. they are a lot more vintage jackie o - looking then the modern style we see at first glance, and i've fit them perfectly into my wardrobe because i'm always incorporating these vintage pieces into my outfits.

i went intensely searching for a real pair of the Chanel 5018's. i found them totally unavailable four months ago after seeing them on mary-kate at the fall 08 shows in Paris, but i didn't want to give up just yet. about two weeks ago i went looking again, and finally! some cheap china knockoffs!! i went right ahead and purchased them. and heres the answer to the question that most of you have been looking for. you can get them here. the site looks sketch, and i was really scared that my sunglasses would look totally fake. but indeed, they look completely real and even came equipped with a great case and lens cleaner wipe. 

i hope this answered your questions!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! i ador you!!!! i just ordered mine, i can not wait! i have been hooked on my ebay for months now trying to get a pair but by the time the bid is up its always hundreds of $$$$ boo! But now ill finaly have them real or not wee!!!