Monday, July 21, 2008

finally out of the house!

yesterday i spent the entire day painting my old room with my sisters to transform it into a fantastic seaside guest room!! it will be perfect once it's done. that's why i have no outfit posts, because i don't think you'd like to see a paint-stained tee and butt shorts.

this morning we ran some errands. i've finally collected material to start my skirt making business!! look out for links soon, i've set up an etsy store, but still have to make some sort of inventory before i start selling! hope you guys are excited. i wore this great red vintage tee with a stripey diagonal pocket and a really cool detailed back. paired it with my topshop picnic skirt and some sheer tights (for the rainy cool day).

top: Episode vintage
skirt: Topshop
shoes: Payless
sunglasses: Chanel


Anonymous said...

why did it take me so long to find your blog!!?? ANyways, I found it and I love it, your style is flawless and really makes me want to push my limits and take a few more risks. You are fabulous. Keep it up. Oh and I was wondering, your self made skirts are so incredible, do you sell them??

Luce said...

wheeee this outfit is super cute! i love that top, back detailing on anything makes me crazy happy. I also LOVE your blog, your style is awesomely chic and different (in a really really really great way).

HANUHGEE said...

i love your outfit :)
i was just wondering, do you order all of your topshop items online? because i live in california and i've thought about ordering ... but i wasn't sure it would get here because topshop originated from the UK.

also, love the chanel glasses. where did you get them? i've been looking for lookalikes for months. but i can't seem to look in the right place.

erica said...

love love love you chanel sunglasses!! where did u get them from?