Thursday, July 31, 2008

classic times.

went for a beach walk today. it turned into the beach walk from hell. mosquitos and horseflies every where and i was practically massacred all over my legs by the pests. to make matters worse, my sister was stung by a pink jelly fish while swimming with my mom on the beach. not happy times. plus it was blistering hot out.

the end of my day shaped up well though. i met up for dinner with my friends like we used to since 3rd grade. but we hadn't done it in like 4 years. it was such fun! to hide my polka-dot red bug bitten legs i wore my sheer tights with my vintage tee and some small designer-name Topshop shorts. did my hair with the boho braids.

top: Episode
shorts: Topshop
belt: Episode
shoes: F21


Style Addict said...

I love this outfit especially the shoes!