Wednesday, July 16, 2008

circus freak

i wore my miu miu-esque skirt that i made today. again, strange looks from the family, but its pretty awesome. i'm just unsure about pairing it with the chanel sunglasses, makes it way too costumey. oh well though, i had fun with it ;)

right when i woke up i got to work on starting to make some of the garments that i wanted to create with the fabric i bought. i started with the plaid skirt, but decided to put some of the see-through black underneath for a cute detail. it's turning out well, except i have to buy some new elastic for the waist band. here are some pictures from that. pictures of the finished skirt soon to come. hoping to start on the zipper-back shirt too soon! it'll make for a great 18th birthday outfit. (my birthdays this friday).

sunglasses: chanel 5018
tanktop: H&M fashion against aids
skirt: self-made
shoes: zara


Wendy said...

The skirt is so Miu Miu, yes very gorgeous!

Victoria-H said...

God, I love that skirt. It was truly awesomly nice! :)

jillyan said...

that print! so far, i love your style and your blog. very kooky and fun. those chanel sunnies are real awesome too

Gloria said...

the skirt is just drool-worthy...I find it incredibly covetable and wish I had patience a way with sewing machines. who taught you? it looks very professional

and it is a bit circus, but in a very good way. I've seen you on chictopia and I'm glad to see you started a blog! welcome to the fam!

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

everything about this