Friday, July 18, 2008

birthday girl!

today i've turned 18. i never thought i would make it this far in a way. i'm older, but i have so much more to go. to say the least, i've waited for this day for a long time. but weird enough, i don't feel any different, despite the fact that i will soon be jetting off to london to start school in  a month and a half. it's kind of freaking me out that i'll be on my own soon, but i'm enjoying the time i have with my family while i can.

i wore this outfit to go out to Boston for a birthday dinner with my friends. i found this vintage dress and bag today at Calico, a cute store in New Bedford thats always been one of my favorites. I also bought a wicked awesome sailor cap from another vintage store in New Bedford called Circa (to be shown later). Apparently an article about Circa was just featured in the Boston Globe! check that out here

Dress: Calico vintage
Bag: Calico vintage
Shoes: Zara


ModeJunkie said...

wonderful dress and the shoes.. i´ve been searching like crazy for these. huhu

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday yesterday! Anyway i love the chanel sunglasses. Also i love the skirts you've made!!

Emily said...

I love that dress, Calico is one of my favorites as well!

Sara Louise said...

that dress is so cute! a perfect summer outfit, i love the silver chains with it, they compliment it perfectly.