Thursday, July 31, 2008

classic times.

went for a beach walk today. it turned into the beach walk from hell. mosquitos and horseflies every where and i was practically massacred all over my legs by the pests. to make matters worse, my sister was stung by a pink jelly fish while swimming with my mom on the beach. not happy times. plus it was blistering hot out.

the end of my day shaped up well though. i met up for dinner with my friends like we used to since 3rd grade. but we hadn't done it in like 4 years. it was such fun! to hide my polka-dot red bug bitten legs i wore my sheer tights with my vintage tee and some small designer-name Topshop shorts. did my hair with the boho braids.

top: Episode
shorts: Topshop
belt: Episode
shoes: F21

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

mens shirt turned dress

Every since I saw how swedish blogger Elinkan tied her men's plaid shirt into the cutest little dress i've loved it. I did the same with my men's shirt this evening. Not really going anywhere in this, except to get icecream with my friends at "the bucket" down the street. I always wear shorts under anything that would look too short. I would probably wear this outfit in the fall though, with some tights and a red/black color schemed mens shirt.

Mens Plaid Shirt: Vintage
Tee: Acne Jeans
Shoes: Payless

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lusting after the right bag

i've been so addicted to this briefcase style tote for awhile now. i am nowhere near hermes kelly, fakes included, so i've been checking out some other things. my top favorite is this miu miu bag that i've seen on the arms of some very stylish girls (including the beautiful amanda from chictopia!). its burnt red (or ruby as they say) and its got the cutest little shoulder strap and handle. The problem: over $1000. hell no. but still so beautiful and amazing.

so then i got around to checking out the marc by marc jacobs bags. on the more affordable price, yet still a pricy bag. i fell in love with this marc tote, very similar to the chloe, except less box-structured and more free flowing soft leather. it's smaller, and i'm still not sure that its even worth the money.

Boston on friday. Maybe i'll find something while wandering around.

turkey dinner special

Tuesday is turkey dinner special for lunch at this really super cute little restaurant called Just Jane's. Its like thanksgiving all over again, and I basically can't eat for the rest of the day. I just love stuffing and mashed potatoes. mmm... anyways.

Surprisingly accomplished more then i thought i would today. My sister was around to take tons of amazing photos of me and Katrina (lil sister). They all turned out fantastic, and there were some good adventures including sticking Katrina up in a tree. 

Heres my panther blouse. Its pretty awesome. Found it in Episode in Amsterdam, and i've already worn it on numerous occasions!

Blouse: Episode Vintage

Monday, July 28, 2008

silk floral top

been doing work on getting my UK student visa this morning. kind of stressful.

i bought this top at Episode in Amsterdam awhile ago for cheaps. I really haven't worn it that much, but when i do its comfy and relaxing. its silky and really huge, especially on the sides. if i lift my arms up it's kind of like i have wings. I wore my bohobraid-headband and my Acne jeans shorts.

Top: Episode
Shorts: Acne Jeans
Headband: H&M
Armband: Zipper
Shoes: Zara

Saturday, July 26, 2008

summer winds

going on the boat with the family today. i'm wearing this vintage slip-dress i bought over a year ago which i cut to make shorter. the shining gold underneath would be my metallic bathing suit hah. i also put in some small side boho braids.

these boots were my moms. we've been doing a lot of old house cleaning lately. she wore them to her wedding, so they mean a lot to me.

Friday, July 25, 2008

must have

seeing the hair accessories at the marc jacobs fall 08 show has left me speechless. i'm dying to get my hands on one of those amazing headbands. Behold: Stephen Jones for Marc Jacobs

A strange accessory, but nonetheless new and interesting and unique! I would totally rock this every day in London.

mk dress!

remember my intense muu-muu dress? well after looking at the picture below, this is it. total transformation from floor length fat-woman dress to short cute and flirty mary-kate dress! its perfect for anything. right now i'm wearing it to the beach but i could so easily throw on some sling backs and rock this out in a club. i love it now that i've chopped it!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

luella tee

When in Amsterdam, there was this cute little shop called Rika off the nine streets. My sister and I would walk by and worship the Luella tee shirts in the window and the multiple star print dresses and bags that Rika had to offer.

A few months later, my sister had already left for the states and I was left alone to walk by the Rika store with my friends. I ventured inside, only to find a sale! The luella tees were half off and i ended up purchasing two for the price of one: the solid creepy batman tshirt for my sis and the sketched batman for myself. I know, its a lot of money for a tee, but they were so cute and hard to pass up at half price. I'm a sucker for things that I've admired for a long time, even though they are easy DIY projects that could be done with sharpie and a Hanes tee.

Anyways, I paired my Luella shirt with my red pencil H&M skirt that everyone seems to have these days. The outfit is simple, but chic.

Tee: Luella
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Payless
Belt: thrift
Glasses: Chanel

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

finally got around to making something new.

as the post title reads, its about time i made this shirt i've been dreaming of for a the past two weeks! i simply made the front plain black and the back is black sheer with a silver industrial zipper straight down the middle. its pretty hot.

today i paired it with my "greek sailor cap", my acne shorts, and some crosses and assorted jewelry! probably going to get to work on some skirts later...

Monday, July 21, 2008

got my eye on..

the hermés kelly bag.

you seriously can't go wrong with this beauteous classic. plus it kind of resembles a briefcase which is awesome in a feminine meets masculine sort of way! i'd love it with a shoulder strap.

just been looking around, and i stumbled upon the history of this bag. been around since 1956 and is still one of the most famous designer bags of all time. gorgeousss

the infamous Chanel 5018s

I've had numerous comments about my Chanel 5018's, some of shock in how they aren't so weird after all, and some of wonder where i got them. i figured i should probably fill you all in on my most favorite sunglasses and best staple in my wardrobe yet. pardon me if i'm raving about my sunglasses, but i do treat them like my baby.

these sunglasses aren't really that weird. after seeing them grace the faces of Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate Olsen, i had a newfound love for them. yes, these are major celebrities, but that doesn't mean average people can wear them too. they are a lot more vintage jackie o - looking then the modern style we see at first glance, and i've fit them perfectly into my wardrobe because i'm always incorporating these vintage pieces into my outfits.

i went intensely searching for a real pair of the Chanel 5018's. i found them totally unavailable four months ago after seeing them on mary-kate at the fall 08 shows in Paris, but i didn't want to give up just yet. about two weeks ago i went looking again, and finally! some cheap china knockoffs!! i went right ahead and purchased them. and heres the answer to the question that most of you have been looking for. you can get them here. the site looks sketch, and i was really scared that my sunglasses would look totally fake. but indeed, they look completely real and even came equipped with a great case and lens cleaner wipe. 

i hope this answered your questions!

finally out of the house!

yesterday i spent the entire day painting my old room with my sisters to transform it into a fantastic seaside guest room!! it will be perfect once it's done. that's why i have no outfit posts, because i don't think you'd like to see a paint-stained tee and butt shorts.

this morning we ran some errands. i've finally collected material to start my skirt making business!! look out for links soon, i've set up an etsy store, but still have to make some sort of inventory before i start selling! hope you guys are excited. i wore this great red vintage tee with a stripey diagonal pocket and a really cool detailed back. paired it with my topshop picnic skirt and some sheer tights (for the rainy cool day).

top: Episode vintage
skirt: Topshop
shoes: Payless
sunglasses: Chanel

Saturday, July 19, 2008

lazy sailor cap days

the least i could have done today was to put on some shoes. but it was even too hot for that. plus, i didn't go anywhere. so heres a taste of laurel in straight up summer mode.

tank: vintage
shorts: H&M
sailor cap: Circa
scorpion necklace: marketplace in amsterdam

Friday, July 18, 2008

birthday girl!

today i've turned 18. i never thought i would make it this far in a way. i'm older, but i have so much more to go. to say the least, i've waited for this day for a long time. but weird enough, i don't feel any different, despite the fact that i will soon be jetting off to london to start school in  a month and a half. it's kind of freaking me out that i'll be on my own soon, but i'm enjoying the time i have with my family while i can.

i wore this outfit to go out to Boston for a birthday dinner with my friends. i found this vintage dress and bag today at Calico, a cute store in New Bedford thats always been one of my favorites. I also bought a wicked awesome sailor cap from another vintage store in New Bedford called Circa (to be shown later). Apparently an article about Circa was just featured in the Boston Globe! check that out here

Dress: Calico vintage
Bag: Calico vintage
Shoes: Zara

Thursday, July 17, 2008

new grunge skirt

i've finally finished making my skirt today! difficulties yesterday caused me to put it off to finish today and i'm happy that it got done. its really perfect and just what i imagined it to look like. i wanted a grunge feel, especially cause i'm really into plaid right now. i also love sheer black fabric, so i placed a layer underneath. i didn't want it to be too angry grunge, which is why i've made it with an elastic waist band with a sort of ballerina feel. its gorgeous!!

today i'm wearing it with my marc jacobs tee which i altered to make into a backless tank. also have on my american apparel silver top cause i'm heading to the beach after this. (i love summer.)
pardon the similar background all the time, i've been forced to use the self-timer. once i have my photographer back i'll have to switch it up!

tank: marc jacobs tee
skirt: self-made
shoes: forever 21
sunglasses: chanel 5018

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

circus freak

i wore my miu miu-esque skirt that i made today. again, strange looks from the family, but its pretty awesome. i'm just unsure about pairing it with the chanel sunglasses, makes it way too costumey. oh well though, i had fun with it ;)

right when i woke up i got to work on starting to make some of the garments that i wanted to create with the fabric i bought. i started with the plaid skirt, but decided to put some of the see-through black underneath for a cute detail. it's turning out well, except i have to buy some new elastic for the waist band. here are some pictures from that. pictures of the finished skirt soon to come. hoping to start on the zipper-back shirt too soon! it'll make for a great 18th birthday outfit. (my birthdays this friday).

sunglasses: chanel 5018
tanktop: H&M fashion against aids
skirt: self-made
shoes: zara

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

beaching it

today my outfit contrasts with the beaming yellow and white sunrays.

only wore this to the dentist office because that was all i had to do today! i've immediately changed into a bathing suit and am about to hit the beach with my amazingly stylish little sister at the unbelievable age of 13. (check her out at )

ALSO: my really amazing Chanel 5018's arrived today. my hands were literally shaking when i opened up the packaging. they are absolutely gorgeous and i am never taking the beauties off my head. my family laughed and said they were creepy, but i think theyre awesome. tell me what you think!!
tshirt: Radiohead concert tee
skirt: American Apparel lamé
shoes: Forever 21
bag: Chanel
sunglasses: Chanel 5018

Monday, July 14, 2008

humidity and sun rays call for yellowbush-photoshooting

Today was a chill day. I haven't been up to much; i don't have a summer job and i haven't started any projects/any books. So i went to the fabric store with my sister! Bought this lovely plaid and sheer fabric to make awesome garments. Plus zippers, which i love! Thinking of making a zipper back sheer shirt.