Sunday, November 2, 2008


i was a peacock this halloween. what were you?

peacock mask: angels fancy dress hop
top: beyond retro
skirt: self-made paperbag waist skirt

i have yet to show off my peter jensen for topshop boots. will do soon...

brick lane adventuring

my sister came to visit me in London this weekend. it was a much-needed visit and we had tons of fun! she got a fantastic chanel c's necklace and i am majorly jealous of the 60s mod black and white sweater dress she scored in Beyond Retro.

love her!

Friday, October 17, 2008

day in the park

Sunday, October 12, 2008

the telegraph

i can't believe i forgot to mention! i was quoted in an article about facehunter and street style photogs in general.

it's a really great article and a great read, look through it anyways!

i was seriously shocked and honored to be in a mainstream international paper. from small town girl to student in london, who would have thought?!

Azzedine Alaïa

in i-D november 2008. 

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Brick Lane and Portobello

fur hat: Beyond Retro
brown vintage cap: the east end thrift store
brown striped sweater: (forgot the name) vintage
yellow plaid bow: brick lane market
black satin high-waisted shorts: rokit vintage
sequin detailed black mohair sweater: the east end thrift store
pastel striped secretary shirt: beyond retro
green high waisted skirt, embroidered with leaves: beyond retro
silver crocheted 60s mod top: beyond retro
faux fur coat: (forgot the name) vintage
beyond retro canvas bag

i've already had my third adventure into Brick Lane today. A friend and I wanted to go check out Portobello Markets. Upon arrival, i was really excited to see what the market had to offer, especially after i was completely obsessed with Brick Lane two Sundays ago.

Portobello was filled with antique silvers, vintage jewelry, old cameras, and general antiques. I went in thinking about the loads of vintage it would have to offer, but i was disappointed with the lack of vintage clothing. There were occasional arrays of fur coats, a great stall with vintage Chanels, but where was the cheap vintage? i didn't end up buying anything at the market besides a fantastic burger. my friend and i decided to trek back to Brick Lane for some real vintage shopping.

the weather was truely awful. the rain where its not entirely rain, more mist. it got dark out almost immediately around 5:30. but we went into all the great vintage shops: absolute vintage, rokit vintage, beyond retro, a vintage accessories shop. brick lane is truly a place for me. i love it to bits and can't wait to drag my little sister around because she will die just as much as i do everytime i see it.

portobello market

Monday, September 29, 2008

home for the weekend

being in London and in the center of everything has been pretty exciting. but it's all kind of sudden, especially in my first week diving head first into fashion week. all the excitement was great, until fashion week ended and my days were filled with nothing but watching dawson's creek. i had my intros to the course i am doing this year, and then it hit me: how much i missed the warmth of my own home, wandering amsterdam with my sister and parents, and cuddling with my boyfriend.

so i headed back to amsterdam for the weekend. this shot was taken before my sis and i met up with one of my great a'dam friends. 

jacket: Topshop
skirt: AA
bag: vintage (hermes kelly look-a-like)
glasses: Ray Ban

Saturday, September 20, 2008


because of this deathly slow internet at the moment, i can't really upload any of the fantastic pictures i've taken over the past few days.

anyhow, i've been to some amazing shows by basically looking important and walking in. if you don't have a ticket, just stand at the back of the queue and hope theres still standing space after everyones filed in. although i couldn't get into the massive shows by doing this (vivienne westwood, christopher kane), i still got into a decent amount of shows and really enjoyed myself. the excitement was fantastic, and seeing so many amazing people really refueled my passion to get myself into the fashion industry.

shows that i attended:
Louise Goldin
House of Holland
Fashion East
Aminaka Willmont.

my favorite out of all the shows was probably Aminaka. the shapes were gorgeous, and the shades of gray and leather detailing really complimented the out-of-this-world space jewelry. however, the shoes were by far the best part of this show. they were fierce and looked almost mechanical.

that said, i'll try and get some good photos up soon. i had a great time this week and can't wait to do this again in the spring for the FW09 shows!

photos by Eddie Newton for

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


photo by Eddie Newton from

so i had some random fashion pictures in my last post. however, these past few days have been even MORE exciting if you can believe it! i'll start by posting some from yesterday.

a friend and i went to stand outside the Christopher Kane SS09 show to check things out. tons of fabulous people in fabulous shoes and some really great photographers, too. we were so close to getting into the show after my friend made fast friends with one of the photographers, but the doors closed and the show was almost over. just too late! we decided to come back later to check out the louise goldin show. the bouncers were nice enough to let us in (and probably recognized us from earlier) and the show was incredible. beautiful structures and a neutral pallet. the energy rush just watching the show was amazing, and we were both hungry to watch more shows. hence, day two of lurking around the shows. i'll do a separate post for that...

yvan the facehunter, taking photos of the lovely scarlett

pictures from Louise Goldin. this day was fantastic.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

london adventures

this past weekend has been so hectic. moving in is harder then i thought, and i still have a large list of things i need to get. i currently don't have any plates/silverware, which will be difficult come dinner time. i should go do that now...

anyway. London is beautiful and after the first few days, i'm starting to feel better about the big move. its strange not being near anyone i love, but in due time i know i'll make some really great friends here. school doesn't start until next week, so i've got a lot of time to kill! looks like i'll be hitting the museums with my drawing pad and stalking outside London fashion week! (pictures 2 and 3 outside of the tents in front of the history museum)

hello, lovely

mary-kate, looking gorgeous as always.

photo by Terry Richardson. photo from

Thursday, September 11, 2008


i move to London today, soon to start my foundation year at Central Saint Martins. PSYCHED.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


packing packing packing. and feeling quite blah. i just kind of threw on clothes today without thinking.

h&m jacket
vintage tank
AA skirt and AA faux denim leggings
doc martens
marc by marc by marc bag.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

forget chiffon and florals, give me zips and leather!

Sure, there are still those long flowy dresses for this spring. And yes, still many florals and sailor suits! However, this spring will be the voice of a modern rock and roll.

Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone not only had great pants and vests, they also had some great striped shirts and geometric printed dresses. 

Rock and Republic

Proenza Schouler
There weren't many things at Proenza Schouler that I didn't like, and thats saying a lot. Sequins, leather, zips, baggy MC Hammer pants, and big shoulders are making a huge comeback from the eighties. And i must say, i really will enjoy it. My style is really gearing more towards a rock and roll vibe, so these spring collections have really gotten me excited.

photos from

Monday, September 8, 2008


coat from photo from vice magazine


photos courtesy of

we <3 you wang!!

Upon the first shows of New York City fashion week was the much anticipated Alexander Wang show. After rocketing with his fall/winter 08 collection, everyone was immediately a fan and curious for what was in store for this spring. Behold, a light version of a punk rock style with an edge. Fantastic! In store for Wang's spring collection: crop tops, long sleeveless hoodies, ripped sweaters, sheer dresses, and splattered garments. Love!!

photos courtesy of

Friday, September 5, 2008


haven't posted in a couple of days. i'm not busy at all, however. to tell the complete and honest truth, i've been watching dawson's creek, and i have entirely breezed through the fourth season. i know, kind of pathetic. but once i move to London i will be so much more productive!

my sister was gone for a couple of days, and since she is the main form of entertainment at the moment i will be happy to get off the couch since she's back.

wore this just to a cafe on the Haarlermmestraat. ate some apple pie, nachos, and tea. mmm. perfect for a rainy day.

hat: marc jacobs
jacket: H&M
shirt: H&M
belt: zara
jeans: cheap monday
vintage bag, and the docs

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


being in europe means not being able to watch the fave tv shows the night they air. and to watch them the next day, online. so this is what we're doing today: gossip girl!

its raining and typical amsterdam weather, and its so cozy! my boyfriends here, back from his first day of classes, passed out on my bed as i write this. he was my photographer today, and he did a great job of it! i've been cleaning and unpacking, only to pack again in the next week for London. oh, the craze!

heres the debut of my zip skirt i got at salvation army. wearing it with a white tee, my gray blazer, and docs. this outfit is kind of a play with the grayscale.

blazer: salvation army
tee: h&m
zip skirt: salvation army
shoes: doc martens
bag: topshop

Sunday, August 31, 2008

hello, amsterdam!

i arrived back at the ankerplaats in amsterdam yesterday morning. total jetlag, with one hour of sleep on the plane. i'm really not good with sleeping on planes, and being uncomfortably close to people everywhere doesn't help me to relax. coming home here though is the best feeling ever. the house smells of fresh varnish and vanilla and my mom and katrina were just as excited to see me as i was them. although i was exhausted beyond belief, i made it all the way through midnight with an action packed day. hung out with my boyfriend, hung out with my best friend, and went to a house party where i saw everyone else who i haven't seen in awhile. after 4 glasses of wine i had to trek home and immediately passed out on my warm bed.

today i walked around the shops with my sister, which was nice because we hadn't done it in awhile. we both had been wanting some doc martens, and after deep consideration we each bought a pair and wore them out of the store. they were pricey, but the shoes are so versatile and perfect for everyday flats that it's hard to say no. met mom for nachos at Goodies, and came home for some dawsons and rest before going to a movie. feels so great to be home!

leotard: AA
shorts: salvation army
boots: doc martens
bag: topshop
hat: H&M

Friday, August 29, 2008

goodbye massachusetts!

i've had so much stress lately about getting my UK visa and my passport back in time for my flight today to go back home to Amsterdam. but everythings worked out and i have my passport and homeward bound i go! so long summery beaches, fresh cape cod air, and river marshes! i will miss you until christmas time...

hat: Circa vintage
tank: AA
shorts: salvation army

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


ah so many posts!
heres the debut of my two new blazers.

this ones sort of gray and black checkered and it has shoulder pads. i don't mind them so much though. this blazers pretty thick and completely wool so its perfect for fall. $6 at the Salvation Army!

this ones got a sort of nautical feel to it. its black with the cutest gold buttons and its completely versatile. its also got shoulder pads, and i may remove them. still thinking about it though. $8 at the salvation army!

black leather hotness

another fantastic DC purchase. this dress is from one of my favorite stores called Meeps! its totally fantastic and there are some really great things in there. i bought this black leather dress along with a pink babydoll night gown. i'm wearing the dress with a beanie i got at Marc by Marc Jacobs for $15 and the f21 shoes. plus! my awesome snake arm bracelet which i found at urban outfitters (sorry riet, i didn't get you one.)

dress: Meeps
shoes: f21
beanie: m by mj
bracelet: urban oufitters
cross necklace: store in greece

70s brit school girl dress

i love checking out vintage shops in washington DC. i think they have some great stuff down there. i got this dress from a small upstairs vintage shop in Adams Morgan. the lady was so persuasive so i ended up buying it. i think its perfect for the streets of london in fall. its completely wool and a little itchy but so cute! i'm picturing it with knee socks and a big brown bag.

the shoes are new from urban outfitters. the styles kind of cowboy boot with out the boot part. they are almost man shoes and i love them!

dress: vintage
shoes: urban outfitters
sunglasses: vintage

the Jen Lindley dress

i found this dress at the new Salvation Army in Wareham. it was the first time i've stepped foot in a Salvation Army and it quickly became one of my favorite places to shop. thanks liz for taking me!
Other purchases from salvation army:
-a gray blazer. you will soon see.
-a black sailor blazer. my favorite.
-striped sailor shorts
-a geometric patterned shirt
-the jl dress
all for a shocking $25!

this dress immediately reminded me of Jen Lindley from Dawson's Creek. Ok, Ok, i know i'm a huge dork, but i've been watching dawson's creek for the first time (i'm currently on season 3. so addicting.) this dress reminded me of ep 1 season 1 when we are first introduced to jen. so i shall forever call this: the Jen Lindley dress.

Dress: Salvation Army
Belt: Garment District
Shoes: H&M